August 8, 2016

downata 2016!

 holy moly summer is going so flipping fast! 
downata has already came and gone. 
this year was a little crazy cause the weekend of downata i had a photography class that same weekend too! (more on that coming soon!) 
but anyways we went up earlier to downata on a friday morning and slept over and i got up early saturday morning to drive to provo and brandon and andrew stayed back up at downata! lucky fellas. 
friday was really fun and andrew LOVED the pool. 
makes me super excited for next year to take him!  
we literally swam all day on friday minus time for lunch and playing in the dirt with cousins! 
since we swam for most of the day not a whole lot of pictures but here of some below! 
^^putting andrew down the kid slide... ha i don't think he was a fan! ha!^^
^^playing at the splash pad with uncle kyle!^^
^^playing in the dirt with diggers. these cousin boys are just too cute!^^
it was a great time at downata this year. 
ha i'm just noticing while i was typing this photo above andrew's swimming shorts are almost off. 
goodness skinny little kid. 
downata last year found HERE 
downata 2014 HERE 
AND downata 2013 found HERE 
can't believe i've been blogging for 4 of downata trips now! 
time sure does go fast. 

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