August 9, 2016

i just love my flowers.

guys, my yard is killing me right now. 
all the flowers are in bloom and somehow surviving this heat. 
i snapped a couple pictures just for memory and thought i'd share some here! 
^^our little garden is doing quite well... the zucchini plant is HUGE this year and we're already getting so many tomatoes. you can see more photos of our garden on instagram hashtag: #grangeslittlegarden !^^ 
^^i don't know what these are called but they're so darling!^^
^^the little rock flower garden that i just adore!^^
^^this green potato vine is growing insane! it's growing all around our patio!^^
^^the prettiest little yellow flowers!^^
^^and this pot is probably my favorite. when the sun is shining on it the little yellow flowers on the right bloom bigger but these photos were taken in the evening. 
i took probably 5 billion more of the yard and flowers but i won't bore you with them. ha! 
its crazy how much happiest planting and caring for flowers brings me. 
make sure if you have flowers and its above 90 water them twice a day! xo

1 comment:

  1. Your flowers are amazing.. I need your help with flowers! Maybe I'd like it more!


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