May 2, 2016

cement cement and cement!

this last weekend we poured a LOT of cement at our house! 
we wanted more cement so we can park our tent trailer at our house 
(thanks parents for letting us store it there in the mean time!)
anyways it was so much cement we had to spilt it up into two days. 
thank you to all the family who came and helped. 
we LOVE you guys and super duper thankful for you all.
also big thank you to my daddy for helping us. i'm not sure what i did to luck out with the best dad around but i did and boy i'm so glad. 
we even had extra cement so we made a couple stepping stones for the yard . 
westuck andrews hands in them. he didn't hate doing it but didn't love it either. hashtag win. 
cheers to another house project down. 
^^friday helpers!^^
^^saturday helpers!^^
were so happy about it. 
now bring on camping season! wwhhaaaaaaao!

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