May 23, 2016

little bit of life lately!

hello hello little blog! 
may has been a crazy month. holy goodness.
it's been super fun and super tiring. I need a nap! ha
we started this month off with weddings, brandon graduating, a trip to california 
and even the whole fam having a 24hr flu!
some pictures of whats been happening lately. 
ps. lilacs are so dang pretty! 
^^my crew. i thank my lucky stars every day for these two boys!^^
^^the most prettiest bride. cousin i'm so happy for you and you're beautiful!^^

^^best mama in the whole land!^^
^^little man got a haircut and it made him look super grown up. 
thought i'd melt into a puddle of his cuteness but also cry because he's growing up way to fast!^^
^^one of my bff got married and she was a beauty! so happy for you jacee!^^
^^helping mom plant flowers! he really was trying to be such a helper.
at one point it was taking forever to plant them because of andrew and his willingness to help me
and a thought came to me, 
when you're 50 and you're planting flowers by yourself
 you'll wish andrew was that little and here to help!^^
^^helping mom decided where to put each flower!^^
^^happy as a kid in a candy store... oh wait he is!
he was being such a good boy he got a sucker!^^
^^had a girls day with these two. including a boutique, shopping and lunch! 
it was so much fun and its crazy to think we all have babies!^^
^^my peeps again at chilis celebrating mothers day a little early! 
^^sicky sick. extra cuddles are the only good thing about being sick!^^
^^andrew's obsessed with mater from cars. 
so when we visited cousin karter and he pulled out mater andrew was in heaven!^^
cheers to summer and camping and cute little andrew always wanting to help! 
ps. california pictures coming soon oh and brandons graduation!

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