January 21, 2016

my favorite stage

my favorite stage with andrew is right now. 
i have absolutely loved all the stages from when he was a tiny little newborn and couldn't move and just snuggled to when he was around 4 months old and started noticing things,
 to now.. this little boy. 
every stage has been so fun but this one is on top of my favorites.
i feel so grateful to spend my days with him. 
its a whole lot of the same but i wouldn't want it anyway.
we play, eat, make messes, clean up messes, unroll the toilet paper, cry if i take him away from the toilet paper, to climbing under the table and bonking his head and needing to snuggle mama for a minute to looking out the window to playing in the fridge and much more.
he's little personality is starting to shine and i don't know if my heart can take it. its so cute.
he's big on squinting his eyes and smiling at the same time and i LOVE IT. 
throughout the day i watch him be curious and noticed things.
 they're only little once...so go ahead and tare apart the pantry. ha! 
people aren't kidding when they say they grow up fast! time slooooow down.
as much as i need andrew... he needs me and i feel pretty special to be his number one person. 
i wouldn't go back in a heartbeat to have more sleep like i use to and always have my house clean. 
i love this stage and i love this boy with all my heart. 
i love you andrew aka tornado! 
such a little model. 

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