May 30, 2014

my wedding dress

i've been wanting to write a blog post about my wedding dress since the day i can remember. 
i decided to wait when it came closer to the year mark then randomly writing one. 
back to the dress.
i simply had the best wedding dress ever known to man.
(so i think :))
the best special part about my dress is that my own mother made it. 
seriously it still blows me away that she did.
i remember right when i got engaged and even before that 
i knew what kinda wedding dress i wanted.
i wanted some lace in there and some tulle and poof. 
we went dress shopping and i remember i tried on every style of dress
 but nothing fit or looked right. 
one dress store i tried on a somewhat poofy dress. 
it was sleeveless and other things that didn't make it the "dream dress." 
i remember being there and my mama said that she could make one exactly like the one I've been describing to everyone that i want. 
and besides the "somewhat" dress was near 1400 dollars. which was insane in my book. 
i remember we left the dress shop deciding that mama was going to make my dress.
As time went on you can only imagine how nervous i was getting... i mean i didn't get to see what my dressed looked like till it was done. i remember trying it on without the lace added on just the tulle and it still made me nervous. ya know your wedding dress is a big deal. 
but after all that time i should have never worried.. i mean my mama also made my sisters wedding dress but her dress was tight and mermaid. totally opposite of mine.
we went to a ladies house and she sold lace. i got to pick the lace out and tulle and everything. 
this dress was all picked out by me and handmade by my mama.
which is pretty cool to say. this dress is so special to me.
i remember how it felt the first time i tried it on. 
ladies if you've been married you know what i'm talking about and ladies who haven't yet, 
trying on your wedding dress for the first time is simply one of the best moments.
anyways thank you so much mama for making my dress. 
i don't and hope that i will never stop bragging about the amazing job she did. 
i will forever cherish it.
^^look at all those tiny buttons she did!^^
^^this wasn't the first time trying it on... but still so much happiness!^^
^^the lace...the tulle...the poof!^^
and that is the story of my wedding dress. 
which i will forever love. 
thank you mama for doing such an amazing job. 
all photos taken by: Julie Parker Photography 


  1. That is so amazing that your mom made your dress, it is gorgeous!


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