May 25, 2014


this handsome fella is my husband brandon. 
i just have to say he is my favorite person in the whole wide world. 
he makes me so happy. 
i tell you what i'm really lucky to be married to a guy who is as wonderful has he is. 
he never lets me down. the last couple weeks he just has done incredibly sweet things like he always does but i want to write some of these down so i never forget them. 
he bought a desk off ksl a couple weeks ago and he got some cash for the guy and he actually ended up not paying him the full amount and when he got back in the car he handed me the cash 
and said "here is some cash for you." 
this might not seem so big but if i had cash i never share it. he was so thoughtful to give it to me to spend instead of him keeping it to spend something on him.
another thing one day we were just in our room doing nothing and he looks at me and says 
"i don't know how its possible but i love you more and more every day." 
seriously he makes my heart melt. 
brandon knows how much i love ice cream and one day he drove all the way to my work to have a little ice cream date with me. that makes me happy. 
he does many more sweet things for me everyday like makes me smoothies in the morning and wanting to take care of my every need and even keeps me warm at night!
i have the perfect husband for me.
a lot of times people tease how i call him husband more over his name but i tell you what i never feel so proud or more happy to have someone so special to call my husband and my companion
 on this crazy adventure we call life. 
hubby i sure do love you and i appreciate everything you do for me! 
^^i sure do love that smile of his!^^
love you lots.
your wife jennie! xoxo


  1. Aw. You guys are the cutest. Not gonna lie, since reading your blog I sometimes call my husband "husband" without even thinking about it. He always looks at me kind of confused haha, look what you've started!

    1. hahahhaha that is the best thing ever.
      keep calling him husband! i sure do love it!

  2. jennie this is adorable. love all of these sweet things!


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