May 29, 2014

happy formals!

today is the formals from last year. 
my goodness i love them. i love the photos of brandon first seeing me in my dress to the ones of us laughing and enjoying every moment there. this was such a fun time taking all of these and soooo less stressful then doing it on our wedding day. 
hubby i love you and can't believe its been almost one year! 
here is to reminiscing! 
^^first time seeing me!^^
^^no legs! ha ha^^

^^i will admit that my hair was so pretty!^^
^^when we took these photos at the temple i had so many people staring at me in my dress and these 2 little girls came up to me and thought i was a princess. seriously made my day... and life. :)^^
looking back at all these photos it makes me so happy and also a little bit sad on how fast time goes. 
one piece of advice make sure you have a good photographer for your wedding/engagements/formals because they're something you'll look back on forever. 
all formals taken by: Julie Parker Photography 
engagements HERE 


  1. you guys are seriously adorable. i love this photos!

  2. Such gorgeous photos, and I love your shoes!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love ALL OF THESE! You look gorgeous, I love the flowers, I love his face when he saw you for the first time in your dress, I love your shoes, I love love love them all! So great :)

  4. Well ok then. I thought my wedding pictures were the very best (they are pretty great), but I'm kind of jealous of these! Blossoms? Perfection!

  5. Beautiful! I Love the flowers everywhere! Congratulations on 1 year of marriage! :D


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