May 1, 2014

california adventure!

california adventure was so much FUN. 
i loved it there. it wasn't as magical as disneyland and that's probably because there wasn't any princesses walking around but california adventure had some awesome rides. we heard so so so many things about the cars ride and how you want to get fast passes for those or you could wait in line for 2 hours or more and we weren't going to do that! that morning hubby and I woke up real early and headed on over there. we went straight to get a fast pass for cars then went and got one for tower of terror and ended up riding that one too. SO FUN. 
california adventure was so great. we went hard all day and rode all the rides! even a wet one when it was a little chilly outside. we had plenty of ice cream that day and even cotton candy. 
boy that was a real good day. 
^^my little niece is so CRAZY about monster inc. when we were walking around i found this and the worker said that sully was on his way out! so you betcha i stood in line with a bunch of kids just so i could get a picture with him to show my niece. she was so happy i heard when she saw it! 
^^such a rad monster^^
^^Micky Micky!^^
^^cars land blew my mind away. it was so COOL. i still can't believe how they made it. it looks so perfect. they made that movie come to life. words can't even begin to say how cool cars land was. excellent job disney! 
^^LIKE REALLY they made those? beyond sweet.^^
^^remember this in the movie? yeah that's real life. nuts.^^
^^this was us the first time we rode the cars ride!^^
^^one other thing that was absolutely nuts was how mater was real! he really was just driving around, talking and simply just being his mater self. 
seriously its crazy how they can just make cars come to life!^^
^^for lunch we ate at flo's cafe. the whole atmosphere of that place was so adorable.!^^ 
^^since going to disneyland i decided i can't wait to meet this man in heaven!^^
^^i wasn't kidding when i said we rode every ride! ha ha^^
^^standing in line so we take selfies!^^
^^this roller coaster was so FUN!^^
^^prego lady gets to be carried. it a rule!^^
^^sweethearts. love miss harper.^^
^^lets talk about how cool she is.^^
^^my love for cotton candy surely has to be unhealthy.^^
^^the water ride! ps. check out that rock!^^
^^standing in line!^^
^^nothing beats a good ice cream cone!^^
^^when i was taking a picture of my ice cream cone in the corner i see something poke their head out and it startled me and guess who comes out from the corner. Donald duck!! ha ha he made me jump but after he was so cute. i mean come on look at that face.^^
^^goofy is a little jokester. he totally tried taking my ice cream cone away from me. 
soo wasn't going to happen mister goofy!^^
^^did this for the niece!^^
^^the longest line we stood in was toy story and it was about 45 minutes standing in line. we got pretty good at getting fast passes and even going in the single riding line. so when we actually stood in line for that long i thought we were going to die. 
ha ha that ride was super fun though, hubby killed me.^^
^^we went and watched california adventures parade and it was darling! but i would have to say disney's parade won. i'm such a big fan of disney now.^^
^^front row: kamie, jennie, brandon!^^
^^front row: max, ryan! back row: garff, tyler!^^
^^the whole group! love them all!^^
^^for dinner we ate at here and it was so lovely. it was really pretty and the food and service was excellent! thanks for the yummy dinner again in laws!^^
^^this ride made my stomach do spins!^^
^^hahahahhaha too good.^^
^^world of color was AMAZING.^^
world of color is a must if you go to california adventure! it was so pretty and really neat. 
i swear everything disneyland does is neat and beyond magical. 
i'm so happy that i got to go and that everything turned out perfect there. 
thanks for a wonderful time california adventure!

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