July 20, 2017

meadows camping + a video!

over the fourth of july we went camping up to the meadows campground in huntsville. 
It was really pretty up there but so hot! 
we were so glad there was a river right by our campground cause thats what helped us survived ha! 
we spent most of our time down by the river and the boys all made little damns with the rocks. 
i made a little video which you can watch above and lots of photos below too! 
^^my best little friend! love you so much andrew and your love for camping!^^
^^the river was ice cold! i'm so surprised andrew didn't cry getting wet! ha!^^
^^sooooooo cold!^^
^^this kid and his personality! i LOVE it!^^
^^they spent so much time making the little damns... they grown men were like kids! 
they would have been out there for hours!^^
^^baby bumping it!^^
^^crossing the river!^^
^^little andrew found this in grandmas trailer and loved coloring the entire time!
ps. don't get me started of how cute i think he is in a hat!^^
^^oakley is such a champ. andrew doesn't quite understand he has to be slow and soft with oakley and she deals with him so good! but these two are pretty cute cousins!^^
^^this little one loves his papa!^^
^^cousin karter came up for the day on friday and andrew was so happy to have him there!^^
we had a great time! 
spending time outdoors with family.... nothing beats that! 

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