July 17, 2017

oneida narrows + a video!

In june we went to oneida narrows! 
I love that place. Its the first official camping trip we have for the year. 
Its insanely beautiful up there and we always have a great time. 
I made a little video of the trip and you can watch that above 
and some photos from the trip are below!
^^patiently waiting for dad to catch a fish!^^
^^best friends i tell you.^^
^^brandon caught a fish and let andrew help rill it in.
andrew thought it was the best thing ever!^^
^^i love this picture so much!^^
^^trying to touch the fish but also scared hahaha^^
^^floating the river with this crew!^^
^^going fishing again!^^
^^love this crew so much!^^
^^did you see my news?! also exciting news me and my cousin have the SAME DUE DATE! 
its really crazy but its also so fun!^^
ll four of us prego at the same time all due within a week of each other! so many babies going to be joining the family!!! i just love it! 
last year at oneida found HERE 

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