December 20, 2016

gingerbread house!

we decorated our gingerbread house over the weekend! 
this is one of my favorite christmas traditions. 
andrew was all about the candy this year... ha! 
he even helped decorate the house. it was the cutest. 
he acted so proud after he put a candy on the house!
this is my 4th year blogging the gingerbread houses we make.. goodness where has the time gone. 
some photos below! 
^^always wants to be my his dad!^^
^^pure excitement!^^
^^my little lover... where did you get those pretty blue eyes?^^
^^candy helper right here!^^
^^helping decorate the house!^^
^^the final look!
every year i think we make the cutest one. i really like this years! maybe cause andrew helped ;) ^^
happy almost christmas everyone! 

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