December 15, 2016

little family update

some of my other favorite bloggers i follow do these little family updates 
every now and then and i love that idea! 
i would love to go back and read what was happening in our little life right now. 
so here goes the first family update! 

JENNIE: i'm just trying to be the best mom, wife, daughter and everything else i can be. 
recently i shot my first wedding and it was so much fun and so different then just shooting andrew! 
getting into photography has been so much fun. 
i love taking photos and creating memories for people. 
i really love the whole process from taking the photos to editing them! 
i'm also the activity day leader in my ward and its the best calling. 
we get together twice a month for an hour and i get to hang out with girls. 
besides cooking, cleaning, laundry, helping my mother hahaha love you mom 
and taking care of andrew i usually am busy and when i get a chance i love to read a good book. 
i love being a mom and its the best thing!

BRANDON: he loves working at L3 communication. that job has been the greatest thing. 
he normally works 4/10's but if he needs to he works overtime. its so great to have him home for a longer weekend. we love the weekends. 
he also started going into work earlier and working out. he gets up so early 
and he's always so happy still! 
he's the elder quorum president right now. he really enjoys working with his counselors.  
he's still all about the denver broncos and has already started brain washing andrew that they're the best team. ha! he loves to be home with andrew and those two are the best of friends. 
he loves to fly his drone with andrew! 

ANDREW: he's the happiest little 1 1/2 year old boy! 
he still loves tractors, cars and his newest obsession is trains. 
he loves to say what a train says.. choo choo!
words andrew can say are mama, dadda, tractor, up, no 
(thats his favorite and its the silliest cause if you ask him any question he replys back with the sweetest no! ha) also can say slide, cup, light and also has said grandpa before. 
he loves his chocolate milk in the morning and likes to get his hair done. 
he tells us when he poops and climbs into his high chair when he's ready to eat. 
he just got a cold for the first time in his life. 
poor fella had so much snot and coughing it broke my mama heart! 
he knows he needs a coat on to go outside, likes to put on his own shoes and takes one nap a day for 2 hours. he's the best little guy around and we're so lucky to have him! 

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