December 30, 2016


christmas has came and gone and it was a good one!
we did lots of christmas activities this year and we really enjoyed this season. 
christmas morning was SO magical! 
andrew walked out and saw the presents from santa and he did the funnest face. 
it was a mix of excitement, confused and a little look of what the heck are those! 
once he opened a few gifts he realized what was happening and was all about it. 
it was the most perfect christmas morning!
^^if you asked andrew what santa says, he will say, "ho, ho, ho."
if you ask him what santa is bringing him andrew will say, "choo choo." 
and santa did not disappoint and brought him a choo choo!^^
this little guy is in heaven will all his new toys. 
christmas is magical i tell you. 
hope you had a lovely holiday will people you love! 

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