October 21, 2015

hello and new blog design!

guys i'm really really happy. 
i got my blog re-designed and i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. 
the colors and everything make me so happy!
i wish i could take the credit but breezy and co helped me out and guys if you need a blog design go to her! she was wonderful to work with and dealt with all my picky-ness. ha! thank you again! 
i'm so happy and it would be great if you checked it out! 
some new fun things i added are "little films" page. if you click on that you can see all the videos we've made. i'm really happy about that! 
and all my other pages have new info updated and pictures like our about page has new fun things about us and once upon a time has some new photos! 
check it out! (YEPPIE!)
hope you like it and cheers to a new blog design! 

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