May 8, 2015

to my mother, happy mothers day!

happy mothers day mama! 
you're the best one out there and i'm so lucky i have YOU to call my mom. 
my mother is one special lady. I kid you not when i say she is amazzzing at everything and beyond talented. i hope one day i can be that good at cooking and gardening and motherhood and more! 
one thing about my mama is she's the best grandma. all your grand babies are lucky to have you. 
if it wasn't for her i would hardly ever have dinner when brandon goes to school, take showers, run to the grocery store and even little andrew's finger nails would never be clipped (i'm to scared! ha)
when she's at my house and if their is dishes needing done or stuff picked off the floor she does it.
 she's the best. 
thank you mama for everything you do for me and brandon and of course andrew! 
us 3 are so so so lucky to have you and we love you!
happy mothers day mama
HERE is a post about what a gem she is, 

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