May 26, 2015

jake's birthday!

jake's birthday was sunday and he turned 24! 
jake is a great brother and a great person too. i've always looked up to him. 
he is a year and a half older than i am. my mother got prego with me when jake was 6 months old! 
my goodness i couldn't even imagine that but i'm so glad she did because a. i wouldn't be born and b. i loved being so close in age with jake. here are some photos of his little birthday party. 
^^birthday boy. ps. your eyes look so cool jake!^^
^^he's all about that tongue of his and he loves cuddling on grandmas chest like that!^^
^^mommy's hunk for sure!^^
^^luke naisbitt i had no idea you did that mister!^^
sister sister. who i love so much and thankful for. 
she's the best mom and even better sister!

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