September 21, 2014

my mother is a gem.

my mother is a gem.
i don't know what i did to get so blessed with an amazing mama but i sure am thanking my lucky stars that i did. i hope that i can become like the mom that she is one day.  the cook that she is. the helper and selfless person that she is. 
last week i was stressed out about not having enough time to can the rest of the tomatoes from my garden and i was honestly disappointed that i wouldn't be doing anything with them. 
my mother the awesome person that she is noticed i needed help and one morning came over and picked all my tomatoes and went home and canned them and also canned some tomato soup for me. 
this was such a blessing to me. 
canning isn't the easiest and fastest thing in the world. 
i had no idea what she done until i went over to her house that night 
and noticed jars on the counter. 
i asked if all my garden tomatoes would make that many?
and she replied back saying those are your tomatoes.
me.... wait what? 
mom: those came from your garden. 
i could have cried such happy and thankful tears. 
that was such a relief and such a big thing off my try to-do list. 
mama thank you for your act of love and selfless to do that for me and brandon. 
we appreciated it more than you'll ever know
we love you.  


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