May 11, 2015

mothers day!

mothers day is a special day! 
this was my first mothers day... crazy. i'm a mother and let me add to the most cutest and sweetest baby. (i'm tooting my own horn) ha it was a lovely day! it was little andrew's first time to church and he did very good. he doesn't fall asleep that good in unknown places so eventually over time he fell asleep in my arms. i will admit i had a hard time listening because i was to busy staring at my baby! 
later on we went to both mothers for mothers day and had lunch and dinner. 
we're sooo lucky they live by each other so we can do both. i told brandon all i wanted was for him to give me a massage and when we got home that day he gave me one and it was heavenly. 
thank you hubby for making me feel like i'm the best mom and thank you
 little andrew for being my baby. i love you both so darn much! 
^^brandon made me breakfast. so yummy who needs the waffle truck anyways!^^
^^this is him at church being all flirty with me.^^
^^church selfie! i have no idea what andrew is doing haaha^^
^^this was at grandma's house. she LOVES baby andrew. after we took andrew away from her she turned her head into the couch and wouldn't look at anyone. ha ha she loves him and i love her.^^
^^my sweet sister in law gave me this goodie flower bouquet. i loved it.
 thank you amber you're always so sweet!^^
annnnnnd that's a wrap. it was a lovely day minus the fact andrew missed all his naps. 
ps. he was just soooo happy to be going to church. HAHA 

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