April 17, 2015

happy one month andrew!

 happy one month little andrew! 
i can't believe its been a month. time slow down and keep my baby little forever. 
it blows my mind away that one month today i was in the hospital meeting my little baby!
*little andrew within the last month*
-eating every 2-3 hours
-sleeping every 3 hours
-napping every 2 hours
-starting to notice things. loves the fan and picture frames
-hits himself with his uncontrollable long arms and hands
-doesn't like to be naked
-does silly faces after eating or waking up 
-isn't a fan of getting a bath but likes getting his hair washed
-snorts and grunts all the time
-starting to coo and stick out his tongue
-wearing newborn clothes and newborn diapers
-knows who his mama is and always looking at me
-rockin the baby acne
-still has the best hair ever 
-has strong neck muscles and always is lifting his head 
-doing tummy time and putting him in the sun knock him to sleep so fast
-is a good eater
-goes to bedtime and naps easily
happiest one month to you baby! 
we love you little andrew. we can't picture life without you! 


  1. Oh he is gorgeous! I love these updates Jennie, bless your beautiful family.


  2. i'll say it every time.. THAT HAIR is epic! Andrew has a majestic mane!!! lol. so cute.


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