April 15, 2015

easter 15'

easter this year was a wonderful one! 
first little holiday with the little one minus his birthday. 
it was a very relax one. we watched conference and colored eggs and had a yummy easter ham dinner. little andrew got a little easter outfit that was huuuuge one him. 
it was a good day. 
^^i bought easter candy a month or so before easter because i knew i wouldn't be able to go to the store once i had my little one! ps. easter candy is the best candy!^^
^^yes were one of those parents who put eggs around our baby for a picture. hahaha
ps. check out him grabbing that egg.^^
^^little andrew while we were coloring eggs. that hand placement makes my heart explode!^^
^^my eggs!^^
^^brandon's eggs!^^
^^my in laws got home from a Europe trip the day before and brought home chocolate for us.
 it was amazing!^^
^^i hate the sun hahha!^^
this is us sunbathing andrew outside. he is not a fan. ha ha 
good easter indeed. 
last years easter found HERE 


  1. He is so precious! I love all that beautiful hair! Congrats again!


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