November 28, 2014

brandons birthday!

brandons birthday was a month ago pretty much and i'm finally getting around to posting something about it. oops bad blogger right here. 
anyways hubby turned 28 this year. 
i'm so glad he was born but i'm even more glad i married him. i will say it again and again he is literally the best thing that has ever happen to me. 
words can't even say how blessed i am to have him. he is the best. 
for brandons birthday it was on a sunday so that saturday we went to tepanyaki with our favorite best friends jake and jyl. that food is the BEST THING EVER. seriously i wish it wasn't so darn expensive because i would go at least once a month. 
that sunday we woke up and went to church and celebrated after with all the family and even told them the gender of our baby which is a baby BOY! 
hubbys birthday last year found HERE
^^the most yummiest breakfast i made for him!^^
^^he loved his birthday card... thanks grandma!^^
^^this was all he wanted was nice glasses. he still loves them.^^
^^that night we had both families come over for cake and ice cream 
and to share the gender of our baby!^^ 
^^oh my heart. love my big brothers.^^
^^these two little girls. they played so cute together!^^
^^how we decided to share was fill a balloon with blue confetti and pop it.!^^
^^she is the best helper to blow out candles. see she helped him last year too!^^
^^i forgot to give him these on his birthday. he graduated from Utah State and now he's going to University of Utah to get his MBA. so smart and so proud of him.^^
happiest birthday husband. 


  1. So cute! I love your table and chairs. We just got a used set and now I am trying to figure out what to do with them, and yours just gave me and idea!
    Happy birthday, husband! :)

  2. Burt's Bees aye. Have you watched Burt's Buzz on Netflix, just saw it the other day.


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