November 9, 2014

21 Weeks!

hello everyone in blog land. 
i wanted to say thank you so so so much for all your sweet comments about our sweet baby boy announcement! it honestly feels so good to have the news out. we waited quite some time to share with anyone and now that its out of the bag its wonderful! 
so thank you for all your sweet words and love. 

how far along are you? 21 weeks plus a couple days (aka 5 months!) 
Gender? BOY 
how big is baby? he is the size of a banana! 7in and 11oz. 
maternity clothes? no haven't bought a thing. my pants are getting uncomfortable and its coming fall/winter so all my sweaters have been working just great! 
Sleep? sleep is good. i have to wake up every other hour to pee and i have to have a 
pillow between my legs! 
movement? oh yes. little guy does soft kicks. its mostly around evenings. 
Weight Gain? whaooo a total of 1 pound! ha 
Food Cravings? nothing specific but i do love subway... weird i know.  
Food Aversions? nacho doritos 
Best moment this week? when brandon finally got to feel the little guys soft kick! 
What am i looking forward to? getting things ready for baby aka nursery! 


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