September 27, 2014

my life according to my i-phone!

hey hey hey! 
soooo when my camera roll gets to be close to 1000 i start stressing out so i empty my camera roll to make more for the new. here is all my iphone pictures through the summer! what a great summer it was. lots of babies and lots of ice cream. 
most of these photos found here. insta {jenniegrange} 
if you made it through this whole thing give yourself a high-five. seriously though. 
**last iphone photos found HERE.**


  1. whoa so many happy photos! Looks like you had a great summer… We are just gearing up for Summer down here in New Zealand…I hope it is full of ice-cream too…and trips to the beach : )

    1. you can never have to much ice cream! have a great summer!

  2. Hey Jennie! It's me, Mackenzie again. Love seeing all of your photos! Is there a program you use to pair photos together? Or do you just do it in photoshop or illustrator?

    1. What I did right here with these was use pic monkey! :)


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