January 1, 2017

2017 here we come!

cheers to 2017!
i have big goals and things i'd like to work on to be better at this year. 
i love the feeling a new year gives you. 
guys i gotta toot my own horn for a minute. 
i went back to last years "new years goal post" and i'm so dang proud of myself. 
i accomplished all the goals i set last year!! 
minus the working out one... i did that one till about may and stopped. ha!
but all my other ones i did. it was such a rewarding feeling reading that post and knew 
i actually worked hard and made those goals happen! 
i'm hoping to do the same this year! 

some goals for 2017 i have: 

come a photographer.
this is my main goal for this next new year. 
i'm going to work and push myself and make this come true. 
capturing moments for others would be a dream.
i can do this! 

read the scriptures.
i'm not saying every day because we all know that probably isn't going to happen. 
i'm shooting for once a week. it might not seem that much but we're going to start off easy. 

work out.
my goal is to work out 2 times a week. 
and if that gets good maybe 3. ;) 

just other few things...
have a good routine for mornings and every day life
try to be reading a book
try new recipes 
try more sewing projects
be present
be better at blogging or writing down moments 
have courage and be kind
be the best wife and mother i can

can't wait to see what happens this next year. 

i have a feeling its going to be GREAT! 

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