January 23, 2017

snow snow snow!

it snowed really good here last week for two days and we loved it! 
it was so much fun! the snow was the perfect texture to play in and it wasn't even cold outside. 
my kind of winter. ;) 
i really love all the seasons and feel so lucky to be able to experience each one 
but when winter doesn't snow and its freezing outside thats when i'm wanting some spring. 
we played outside for an hour this evening and ate some clean snow, shoveled, 
built a snowman and of course took some pictures. 
^^mama showing him the joy of eating snow!^^
^^he was all about it after that!^^
^^i love being your mama andrew!^^
^^trying to shove it all in. hahahha^^
^^making the perfect snowball!^^
he's the best snowman builder i've ever seen. 
happy winter friends! 

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