January 5, 2016

cheers to a new year!

real life is back now. 
booooooo. i think all husbands should have time off like they do during the holidays more often throughout the year. it was the best! little andrew and i were soaking in all the daddy time. 
i have thought of some goals this year that i would like to try or do better at. 
and i wanted to write them down so next year i can see if i accomplished them or attempted to ha! 
some goals: learn to shoot better on manual on my camera. 
try new recipes from my cookbooks 
exercise 2-3 times a week. starting off by 2 times though. lets not push it! ha 
try to always be reading a book. i love to read and now that i'm a mother i don't have that time to read as much as i would like but i really enjoy reading so thats a goal to always be trying to read! 
maybe learn to sew... ha maybe. we will see about that one. 
and of course be the best mother and wife i can be. 
i'm really excited about this next year and all the fun things were going to do. 
i can't wait to watch and see andrew grow in this coming year also.
annnd how is he going to be 1 in two and half months? WAH. 
cheers to a new year AND a new season of the bachelor. 
goodness i love that show more than i'm willing to admit. 
thee end.

1 comment:

  1. you have the best teacher for sewing! and I want to learn on my camera too, lets take a class!


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