November 23, 2016


thanksgiving is almost here!!! 
this year has just flown by. it's been a great year. i have loved it. 
i just wish time would slow down. 
every year i make a shutterfly book of all my photos i take throughout the year 
and i'm over half way done with it. and i can't help but feel blessed. 
we have had a great year! 
we did lots of fun trips as a family and made lots of special memories. 
with thanksgiving coming i just think of all the things i'm thankful for. 
husband- he's the best i tell ya. 
he's always willing to listen to me ramble on about who knows what and he's always supportive of me and my goals and what i want! i'm so lucky to have you. i thank my lucky stars we found each other. you are the best decision i've ever made.  
andrew- nothing has made me happier than being your mama. you're so funny, sweet and full of personality. i really love that about you. i hope you never loose your spunk. 
my family- goodness i ended up with the best ones. 
feeling very thankful for everything they do for us. especially my mama. 
she's the best i tell you. 
the gospel- church is really hard with a toddler. 
i think i hear about 5 minutes of the entire sacrament//talks. 
but i'm so thankful for the gospel. it brings me and my family so much joy and peace! 
i sure do love my heavenly father. 
i love this time of year.
all the festivities and fun and thinking about everything i'm thankful for 
and christ with being christmas. 
i'm just thankful. 
happy thanksgiving everyone. 
and also happy gilmore girls reunion soon! eeeeek. 
you wouldn't believe how happy i am about that.  

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