November 1, 2016

halloween 2016!

happy halloween from the fox and the hound and the hunter! 
this halloween was one of my favorites. 
andrew was just SO much fun! he was all about trick or treating. it was the cutest thing. 
he ran to all the houses so fast and wouldn't let anyone carry his candy bucket. 
brandon and i kept looking at each other saying, "can he stay little forever?"
hope your halloween was great. 
we probably have enough candy to last till next halloween! ha! 
also, enjoy the video!
 i look so silly but andrew has watched this video like 10 times now 
and he laughs every time at my part. ha!
also, he really didn't like wearing the hat. hahaha
^^gunna get the fox!^^
^^guys i'm no makeup artist but i was pretty happy with how my makeup turned out!^^
^^my crew. goodness halloween was fun doing a family themed costumes!^^
^^andrew with his cousins on my side!^^
^^and andrew with his cousins on brandon's side!^^
it was a good good halloween! 
now off to christmas. ha!!! 
jk thanksgiving, i love you too. 

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