November 8, 2016

happy 30th husband!

brandon turned 30 last week!!!
happy birthday again husband. 
i just wanted to write a little and say how much andrew and i are lucky to have you. 
thank you for always putting us first and working so hard to provide for us. 
if someone was to write a definition of a perfect husband and father, 
your name would be in that definition. 
i hope your thirties are wonderful and great and filled with so much happiness! 
i will say his birthday day was lovely. 
him and i went to a movie! we saw keeping up with the joneses and it was so great. 
we were dying from laughing in the theater.
then we went to brandon's favorite dinner place and then had a little party to celebrate him. 
i love you hubby!! i hope you had a great birthday, because YOU deserve it. 
ps. i should add he got a drone for his birthday and he's like a kid with it. its cute. ha! 

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