January 18, 2014

One year since i've said YES!

It's been one whole year since I said yes to the best decision ever. It blows my mind that its already been a year. I've had my dream ring on my finger for one whole year and I still love it as much as I did the day I got it. 
Our very first date was at Iggys so Brandon decided that when he wanted to propose that he would do it at the same place as our first date. I had no idea at all that he was going to do it at the time. I thought it would be around valentines day, I had in my mind that we were going to dinner and then to the movies but little did I know that he was planning on proposing.
It was so well thought out and sweet, he did a marvelous job. Rose petals scattered on the ground, a table set up with candles with more rose petals and the prettiest flowers ever oh and of course the sign that said "Be my valentine...forever." 
I remember after dinner walking out and finally catching on to what was going on. I went into complete shock mode. I was stunned. I had no idea whatsoever. 
Finally I said yes and my whole family and his whole family walked out of the other restaurant next door and everyone was cheering. It was such a blur but also one of the happiest times. 
I'm so glad I said yes one year ago. 
Love you Brandon, very much so. 


  1. So cute! Very romantic! Congratulations!!

  2. That is such a sweet engagement story! Congratulations on your one year ♥

  3. just stumbled across your blog--and oh my goodness, how adorable is this?! love it!


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