January 10, 2014

Husband gets a gun!

Husband got a gun for christmas and let me just say... he is a hottie with that gun. I'm not a gun person they scare me and I have never ever shot one. I would be that one girl you hear about on the news that shot her leg because she didn't know how to use the gun. 
Husband is so cute with that gun and so protective. I love it and he loves it. 


  1. oh no.. now he is going to be like Kooper and want to go HUNTING

  2. How fun for him! We love to go out shooting :)

  3. oh my how fun! my husband would love that haha. boys and their toys ;)

  4. My husband recently got a gun for his birthday and I too was scared until he took me shooting and now I feel a lot more comfortable and think I kind of know how to use it now.


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