October 21, 2013


Over the weekend we decided to go to frightmares at lagoon. I've never been during frightmares before and my goodness it was fun. This time of the year is really the greatest. So many fun activities you can do. I love that everyone loves holidays and its always a big deal.  Frightmares is really fun because its like Halloween everywhere. No joke people in costumes, pumpkins, ghosts, decorations, haunted houses, really anything halloweenish you name it and it was there. 
^^they had these photo booth things everywhere^^ 
^^they made pioneer village so festive it really made me happy. Often times I wish I lived in the old days with a little town like this and wore huuuuge dresses and my hair was always curled and put up and I would have to carry a fan around. I mean it that just seems like soooo much fun.^^ 
^^most creepiest vampire right??!!^^
Such a handsome devil he is. SO glad we went and can't wait for Halloween in 10 days! 


  1. i went to lagoon once, its a fun place!
    however, i never managed to go during halloween time, looks like fun!


  2. The hubby took me to frightmares on our first date. Best. Date. Ever. Obviously I kept him around. :)

  3. How fun! I'm not a haunted house person, otherwise, this would be a fun date night for us!

  4. Frightmares looks like so much fun! Glad you guys went and had an awesome time! That is a very creepy vampire - that guy did an awesome job!!

  5. We don't celebrate Halloween here, but it seems I could easily fit in,-) It looks really fun!

    1. where do you live? pllllease tell me you have pumpkins at least :)

  6. Oh that looks so fun! I wish that we had something like that here! I think we need to move!!

  7. amazing pictures, but the first one is my favorite! (even when it's kind of creepy, is lovely too)

  8. I absolutely love these pictures! The first one melted me. That looks like the cutest place ever.

  9. Looks like so much fun. I LOVE Halloween and haunted houses, parties, and dressing up in costumes! -Jessica L

  10. This looks like an absolute blast.

  11. i love all those pictures! looks like a fun time :) i've never been to lagoon but when my husband and i move down to utah hopefully we'll finally go!

    andrea brionne

  12. I have seriously been meaning to go to Frightmares for like 5 years now, haha man I really need to get up there. I'm loving the coffin photo stations, haha the greatest thing. I love how Halloween-festive you are, between this and yummy pumpkin bread recipes and pumpkin cookies, you're totally getting me in the spirit!

  13. looks so fun! one of these halloweens i'm gonna make it to frightmares!



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