June 23, 2017

little boy andrew

this is my new favorite photo of andrew.
i look at this photo and see a little boy! 
goodness how time has flown by. 
andrew runs our house. 
i use to be the boss but really it's andrew. ha ha 
a couple things about him at this age i want to remember. 
he's 2 years old. 
{27 months}
-favorite toys are trains, tractors, legos, shoot it (basketball), and his cars from the movie cars. 
his favorite place to be his grandmas, camping and home. 
he loves to be outside and loves to go for bike rides and walks! 
he's also loves to turn on the hose and water everything in sight! haha 
some things he says that i love are.
-mini milk (chocolate milk)
-hoooow boout
-oooo kay
- i see you!  
-mama dadda mama dadda! 
he's also so smart! he can count to 8 really good and almost 10! 
he loves to climb and jump on everything.
he loves to be naked! (what a boy!)
every morning i wake up to "MOM....MOM... MOM!" 
it really is the best alarm clock i've ever had! ha ha
i love this little boy with all of my heart! 
he's full of personality and spunk and i wouldn't have it any other way! 

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