March 3, 2017

valentines 2017!

is it to late to blog about valentines? 
i'm slacking in the blogging department lately and two reasons. 
one. freaking dead of winter and not doing a dang thing, therefore nothing to blog about. 
annnnd two. i have been busy with other things. 
sorry little blog.. i haven't forgot about you. 
valentines day was a good one. brandon went to work and he came home with the prettiest red roses 
for me and my favorite treat... hi-chews! 
we made our favorite pasta meal and had cheesecake and then watched a movie as a family. 
it was a good valentines.
ps. andrew's smile in the first picture!! hahahah he's the best at saying "cheeeeese for photos."
^^i don't think brandon has ever gotten me a dozen red roses and i loved them. 
soooo pretty! thanks hubby!^^
and my little valentines. 
so lucky to have two valentines in my life. 

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