February 15, 2017

little memories

as we drove up to the church building 
i hear you're little sweet voice in the back seat saying, "chuch chuch." 
little andrew looooves church. he's a handful to keep quite during sacramenting meeting 
but he's all about the bread and water. he sits so patiently waiting for it to come down our row.
andrew's all about nursery too. he loves the toy train in there. 
seeing his sweet little spirit already loving going to church just makes my mama heart happy. 

if i go into another room or walk down the hall at home, 
i hear andrew yell, "MOM.....MOM....MOM!" 
it's the best. i love that he always has to know where i'm at or where i'm going.

andrew's latest obsession is smoothies. 
he always goes to the pantry and points at the blender and goes, "MOOODDIE." 
the other day i said let's go watch a movie and he thought i was saying lets go make a smoothie. 
he really is the cutest. 

he's the best help. 
he loves to help me cook, unload the dishwasher and fold the laundry.
and he's the best at throwing things away in the garbage.   

he loves to go to grandmas. it's his favorite place i'd say. 
i hope he always has a love to go there. 
we just love our grandma!

andrew 2nd birthady will be here before we know it! 
my mama heart needs time to slow down. 
i sure do love my little partner in crime. 

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