July 12, 2016

malad summit!

over fourth of july weekend we went camping to malad summit! 
i have gone there 2 times before but brandon never has and my goodness i forgot how pretty it was up there! this place might be our new favorite little place to go! 
it was a low key weekend. filled with lots of card games and treats and reading and spending time with the family! it was a good weekend! 
photos below! 
^^we actually took this the last day so luke had already left but man i love this clan!
ps. cute baby bump jyl!!^^
^^daddy's girl right here!^^
^^this water was freezing! but it was soooo pretty!^^
^^we were always the first ones up every morning (thank you andrew) and this is when him and me were just sitting around one morning and brandon goes thats a cute picture, so he goes grab my camera and andrew started to look at me and smile... 
moments like those i just wanna keep him little forever!!^^
^^on saturday we went and floated the lava hot springs river! that river is so much fun!^^
^^that river is brutal but we had a good time!^^
^^jake and the hammock!^^
^^my dad took andrew on a 4 wheeler ride for maybe 5 minutes 
and he came back and andrew was out! ha ha^^ 
^^so so tired. this little boy goes so hard at camping. he loves it though and we love that he does!^^
^^right before we were heading out andrew was running around on top of the trailer and everyone was trying to grab him and he thought it was the best!^^
^^gotta love self timer pictures but i sure do love this little fella of mine. 
he makes me the happiest and makes me life full!^^


  1. Jenny! I was at the Malad Summit for the 4th as well! My family owns a cabin there + My dad grew up there! Hope your cute little family had a great 4th

  2. ... and we floated the river as well! So fun!!

    1. saaaaay what!
      how cool would that have been if we would have ran into each other? i would have loved that.


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