October 10, 2014

the final pick!

we did the final pick from our garden the other day! 
ain't going to lie. i'm a little ready for everything to freeze. i loved having my own garden but my goodness by the end of the season i'm totally warn out! 
we got so many good things this year from it. 
corn, tomatoes galore, peppers, zucchini, squash and pumpkins. 
we put most of that away. 
(canned most of it, freeze some of it.) that way in the winter and spring when we don't have a garden we can still enjoy all the goodness from it. 
it was such a treat to share a garden with my lover. it was always so fun to go outside together to go pick things for dinner or hey look at the squash now or even babe we have a pumpkin! 
super proud of our first garden. it grew like no other. it was a BEAST. 
i would say we're pros now in the gardening department. 
^^we had two huge squashes this year and my goodness HUGE.^^
^^i'm gunna frame this photo. it makes my heart go pitter patter.^^
^^to my hip!^^
^^i'm sorry but he really is the cutest thing.^^
thanks hubby for all the hard work you put into the garden this year. 
oh and thanks mama for your help too. 
can't wait to see next's years! 


  1. That squash is humongous! Oh my goodness.

    1. seriously. we have no idea how it got that huge. ha ha


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